Mision & Vision


To instil St. George’s College former pupils with a sense of belonging and commitment to the Georgian community, by fostering integration and exchanges between members through social and sport activities, and with the foremost purpose of supporting the Old School; to ensure its wellbeing, in order to continue its work of educating and forming useful and successful citizens for the society.


The Old Georgian Club is comprised of St. George’s College former pupils, graduated with a well rounded education, strong ethical values, character and integrity. The Club endeavours to embrace and bond in fraternity, wherever in the world they may reside.


The Headmaster of St. George’s College: Canon Joseph Stevenson, and sixteen Old Georgians funded the Club in April 28th 1908 as a non-profit institution whose objects

To foster and maintain interest in the College, and friendly relations and associations among Old Georgians

The furtherance of the interests and prosperity of St. George’s College and its past and present members.

The organization of social, cultural, sporting and/or other activities for members of the Club and guests.

Over one hundred years of various hard working committees and support by its members have kept the Old Georgian Club in good standing, sports-wise, as a pillar of the Georgian community, and in the organization of diverse social events.

Sports-wise, the Club always took part in different activities, including cricket, rugby, hockey, football, tennis, regatta, and golf. In cricket, the club has been a member of the Asociación Argentina de Cricket, and many players excelled.

themselves, playing for the Argentina National Team. Rugby is the other mayor sport played in the Old Georgian Club. The first entrance to the River Plate Rugby Union (later known as UAR) championship was in 1935, and was won in 1937, 1938, 1939. However, with the shortage of Old G players, the club had to withdraw from the UAR in 1978. Between 1995 and 1997 efforts were made to revive the Dragon spirit, but it was short lived.

In 2011, in a joint project between St George’s College and the Old Georgian Club, a M16 division was created and the OGC began playing in the URBA once again. Shortly after, a group of young Old Georgians showed their interest in forming a new category. After many months of hard work, the M22 division was formed and to this day, it is this group of young men the one who continues representing our colours in the URBA tournaments.




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